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Elite-Pro Premium Dog Food 

Elite-Pro dog food was formulated to suit the dog owner who is concerned about their pet's health.  This awesome food was formulated by us, Dave and Ellen to suit our own show dogs.


We were concerned about our dog's health and we were not getting the results we wanted from other brands of food.  We had been using many of the "name brand" foods but found them to have inferior ingredients and sources.


Our food is made with 100% human grade products.  We have been to the production facility and we are impressed with it every time.  All ingredients are inspected prior to use in our Premium Dog Food.  The
finished product is then sent directly to us, where we sell it directly to you, without the middle man.  This allows us to not only control the quality of the product, but also offer it to you at a reasonable price.  
Our food, by any other name would cost you twice as much! 
Superior ingredients DO make a difference.
Elite-Pro Premium Dog food is a Fish and Chicken formula, made with the best ingredients, fortified with important supplements and contains no allergy causing corn, soy or wheat.


Check out our full ingredient list and check our label


Check out the Testimonials or read the frequently asked questions about Elite-Pro Premium Dog food.

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Elite-Pro Premium Dog Food

Phone:  920-465-4422

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Green Bay, WI 54311


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